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About Us

Better Times identified the need for a cost effective, efficient and easily portable system that measures and manages on or off-site staff time and attendance.

How Better Times began

With our experience in the construction industry, we saw the need for a simple time and attendance system offering accurate control over the workforce. From site to site and changing workers, to “buddy” systems that disrupt cashflow, we brainstormed what would work best to save our clients time and money.

As construction engineers, we know how time and attendance systems let us down, adding extra administrative burdens to already pressurised project environments. Better Times is poised to set the world of workforce management on fire through its simple and fool-proof design. When we say “mobile” and “real-time”, we mean it!

What is our BIGGEST LEARNING so far?

Understanding that the challenges faced when managing a construction based workforce apply to any type or size of business. We are assisting Clients across all industries, businesses, institutions, schools and educational organisations. The common denominator is a driven need to easily manage their people by being fair to both employer and employee, especially with regards to hours at work, payroll accuracy, production measurement and real-time people management.

Craig Fussell


Our Goal

We help financial managers save significant time and avoid financial loss so they can focus on their primary responsibilities without being distracted by inefficient payroll and attendance issues.

Alex van den Bosch

Developer, Technical

Shaunagh van der Merwe


Vanessa Rossouw

Project Management

Craig Fussell

Co-founder, Civil Engineer

Ikeraam de Jongh

Better Fixed Support

Mary Shout

Admin & Finance

Micah Frank

Better Fixed Support

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