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A few questions about our package

How quick and easy is it to clock workers in and out on a daily basis?

Once opened on the phone or device, workers simply scan the unique tags against the device/smartphone and this is automatically read by the NFC Scanner or QR Code and Face Validated. This process is “instant” and avoids time wasting or queuing at clock in.

What device do I need for clocking my workforce in and out each day?

Most current Smartphones are NFC enabled and are suitable for Better Times. There are also specific site and impact resistant phones suitable for construction sites, etc. Better Times is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

What happens at the end of my Free Trial?

We will send you Better Times Tags to suit your needs and then assist you with what’s needed to fully utilise the Portal. Billing for each individual worker will start once the system is fully loaded.

Do I have to sign up for a long contract in order to use Better Times?

No, Better Times is billed monthly on a base fee and per worker.

How does the pricing model work and what will it cost me per month?

Better Times has a base fee for setting up and managing the Data and Dashboard within the Portal. On top of this, each worker is then billed for per month within a “pay as you use” system. The system allows fluctuations in numbers as work forces grow and shrink through projects.

What does the Portal offer for my monthly fee?

The online Portal (backed up in the Cloud) is both a data generating service, and an extremely powerful real time management tool where daily data, real time Dashboards and collatable Payroll data is exported for Payroll Integration.

What information do I see on the Dashboard of my Portal?

The Dashboard offers an overview of the entire business regarding who is on site at each location and when they clocked in and out? The Dashboard also has an efficient filter system (in real time) that allows the user to search for suitable individual or site information. These filters are set per worker, per site, per date (or period), and worker activity.

Can I clock workers in more than once per day?

Yes. If a worker needs to leave site and come back, simply clock them out when they leave and back in when they start again.

How do I avoid workers clocking each other in and out?

Each worker is individually loaded onto the portal with a unique ID, together with a photograph of the worker. On clocking in, their photograph is displayed on the device/smartphone. The Face Validation option asks the device to photograph each person as they clock in/out which is then validated by the system and prevents any fraudulent bahaviour.

How do I transfer workers from one site (location) to another?

Simply clock them into the new site (station) and the system will automatically clock them out of the previous site or station.

Can I manually load or edit current data if the device is not working or if workers have not clocked in?

Yes.  If mistakes are made on site while clocking in or out, the portal does allow users with security clearance to make manual entries or to manually edit entries before being approved for Payroll integration.

What security do I have on sensitive payroll and time and attendance data in the Portal?

Access to the Portal is strictly controlled through approved users by each Client.

Can I edit data using the App or from the device?

No, the App is only allowed to capture clocking in, clocking out and location data, none of which is editable through the App. This is a security feature and prevents editing from the device.

Does Better Times integrate with my Payroll system?

The Better Times Portal is able to collate data into exportable formats that are suited to your payroll system.

Am I able to use bespoke NFC tags for my company and workforce?

Yes, Better Times is able to supply bespoke tags that are “fit for purpose” for your business.

Where do I buy suitable NFC Tags that are compatible with the Better Times App?

Better Times supplies the correctly formatted NFC tags to ensure perfect compatibility with the Better Times App which is loaded onto each active device. This is to ensure that unsuitable tags are avoided and do not corrupt data. You can order more tags by sending us an email: click here.

What kind of NFC tags are available from Better Times?

NFC tags from Better Times can be purchased in many forms as “fit for purpose”. For example, sticker tags can be used on Safety PPE, on ID Tags, on name tags, on equipment, etc. Plastic type tags come in many forms such as Key Chain Tags, ID Card Tags, etc.

How do I get billed?

Better Times will send monthly invoices at the beginning of each month for the previous month, i.e. pay as you go.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

7 Working days from issue of invoice.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

We will ask nicely for outstanding payments and if payment is not made after this request, we will unfortunately need to deny access to the portal. Clocking in/out on site will still be available for a reasonable time until the bill has been paid making sure that your data is uninterrupted for the next payroll.

If you require more information please contact us.


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